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Trance 5D Music Visualizer Apk: Pay attention to the latest trance music and improve the experience with visualizers,
which can be specially optimized and increased for the deepest trance impact.

This trance visualizer works great with all types of trance music such as intensifying trance, psychedelic trance and much more! 3 different trance visualizers and a Live wallpaper are included. Develop your light body, and that means you can experience more measurements and examples of freedom!


All systems have a degree of degrees of liberty. That is their dimensionality, so a 5-dimensional system (5D) has 5 examples of liberty. The formulas for the habits result from a course in multidimensional
mathematics at Lund University’s Faculty of Executive.

Ark of the Covenant

Throughout time, the reality about the Ark of the Covenant is becoming lost; substituted by speculation. The only path of locating the Ark of the Covenant is to put together it within oneself through religious development. This produces your light body, rendering it possible to see more sizes, ascend into light beings and travel over the universe. The early Gnostics were esoteric
knowledge seekers who desired to reconnect with the higher personal, and assumed that in their light physiques they could travel in a stargate to the guts of the Milky Way galaxy, that they known as Sion.


Radio programs included

Choose your chosen music from the 47 trance stations in the app. The music in the air channels originates from Digital Impulse Radio.

Chromecast support

Watch this music visualizer on your Tv set with Chromecast! That is ideal for celebrations or chillout consultations.

***** Improving to full version *****

Works together with all music players. You may visualize you possess favorite music from any player. 20 themes or templates for the music visualization are included.

Individualize the graphics

Create your own trance visualizer by planning the looks of the personalities and lights. You could choose the backgrounds, the rate plus much more.

Interactive Gyroscope

Make the iphone app interactive with the gyroscope. Your view in 5D changes when you tilt or turn the screen, this is the gyroscopic effect.

Low electric battery usage

Battery saving features is available.

***** Digital Impulse Radio *****

These programs are contained in the app:

Astra Trance
Disco Visits ’80s
EuroDance ’90s
9Axis Trance
Alyf Recordings Trance
Ambient & Lounge
Arrakeen Trance
Paradise Trance
Atlas Company Trance
Aviv Multimedia Trance
Blues Channel
House Channel
Christmas Channel
Classical Channel
ATG Trance
Country Channel
DKR TecHouse
Emacore Trance
Ambient Fantasy
Gate of Heaven Trance
Jazz Channel
Kuno Trance
Matt Paul Trance
ROCK Channel
Movie Themes or templates Channel
Sounds of Mother nature Channel
Oldies but Goldies Channel
Ori Uplift Trance
Trance Route 2
Funk & Electro Golf swing Channel
Psychedelic Trance
Pulsar Recordings Trance
Reggae Channel
Techno Channel
Rock Hits
Ahmed Romel Trance
French Skies Trance
Sundance Recordings
Rik Tights Trance
Liftburg Trance
Global Trance Channel
Citizen DJ Channel
Nick Turner Trance
Victor Special Trance
New Influx ’80s
PowerMixNetwork House
PowerMixNetwork Techno & UNDGND


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