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Rising Super Chef 2 is the spin-off of the delightful kitchen diversion where you’re accountable for a nourishment truck that goes all through a whole city. Realize what the clients in every range like and expect, and turn into a renowned gourmet specialist in this fun experience.

You begin the amusement on the edges of the city, where you serve flame broiled hotdogs to your clients. As you propel, you get nearer to the focal point of the city, where the requests end up plainly more noteworthy and you need to make more detailed nourishment. For this, you have to get the important apparatuses and have the capacity to cook with various fixings. Additionally, new formulas will show up and you have to set them up with no assistance by any means.

Every single one of your clients has a holdup bar. The lower it is, the less persistence the client has and the less he/she will give you in tips. It’s critical to serving your clients as fast as conceivable so they don’t leave unsatisfied. Then again, on the off chance that you overcook the sustenance, you’ll consume it and need to discard it, losing cash.

Enhance all your kitchen instruments and go around the city with your eatery on wheels to make everybody glad. Have some good times concocting every unique sustenance and turn into the best gourmet specialist on the planet in Rising Super Chef 2.

Here comes the Rising Super Chef 2!

A pristine update of Rising Super Chef, brings all the more energizing new levels, more lovely realistic plans, and more than 1000 new dishes from genuine formulas.

Furthermore, we likewise include a magnificent element that you can dress the gourmet expert as you prefer now.

There will be a general refresh of new levels each month starting now and into the foreseeable future.

Download NOW and keep refresh with us!

Time to discharge the gourmet specialist inside you…

Rising Super Chef 2 is a flavorful mix of unhinged versatile Kitchen and Cooking and Restaurant realm building. Rising Super Chef 2 – kitchen and cooking amusement is a wonderful cooking serve arcade. It is an addicting time administration cooking diversion that highlights unending play. Whatever you are doing, on the off chance that you have room schedule-wise to execute and helping pole centre, you will love this portable kitchen Restaurant amusement πŸ™‚

Join Emma in her sustenance truck cooking fever experience, to be the Rising Super Chef 2 is a long humorous path… Roll up your sleeves for breakfast, lunch, supper shifts on the grounds that Emma needs your assistance. By giving quick administrations and heavenly sustenance, please clients and make foodie heaven.

You are procured in an affix Restaurant to serve your supporters by cooking the most Delicious and Unique dished, for example, Scramble Egg, Pizza, Hotdog, Hamburger….Dash it! Give Speedy administration and please clients with the most regularly discovering Delicious and Unique nourishment things. Administer the dishes with your best formulas of your kitchen. Always remember the Recipes. Recalling Recipe will give a fast serving framework to your customers.

Join Emma, help when a client shows up in your portable kitchen eatery. Here’s the scoop, its opportunity to make Fantastic, Delicious and Unique dishes to serve your client with the best diving formula of your versatile kitchen!!!

Take the insane destiny of portable eatery in your grasp. Keep your clients cheerful by preparing everything from Burgers, Fries, Pizza; Take requests, tap and slide to situate clients, serve steaming dishes and gather tips to redesign your portable Kitchen Restaurants!

Rising Super Chef 2 – kitchen and cooking amusement is a fun loving cooking foodie heaven. This keeps you on your toe, time you as you make distinctive dishes with various Recipes! Prepare for the nourishment making and serving the most Delicious and Unique dishes.

For a constrained traverse you should influence the correct dishes so as to serve to the clients upbeat. Rising Super Chef 2 – kitchen and cooking diversion offers dependence on a wonderful establishment and will soul you away.

Never miss the best Rising Super Chef 2– kitchen and cooking diversion, on the off chance that you need a generous amusement. Simple and addictive will make your adrenaline going.

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We have added 15 levels (level 31 to 45) to the Halloween episode.
Rising Super Chef 2
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Rising Super Chef 2 Reviews
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Rising Super Chef 2


Rising Super Chef 2


Rising Super Chef 2



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