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Navy Field apk is the very first game of the Navy Field Franchise. Navy Field is a MMORTS themed game that occurs through the World Battle I and World Battle II eras. Just like the name advises, Navy Field 2 is a naval warfare game. It really is produced by SDEnterNet who acquired already developed the initial Navy Field years back. Development were only available in 2012, and sealed beta adopted in January, 2014 and was totally released in Korea in June of the same calendar year.[citation needed] Navy Field 2 have started out a Vapor service by March 2015.


All gameplay happens in multiplayer fits, where players play against the other person in groups on big maps with up to 64 players at exactly the same time.

There will vary types of boats in Navy Field 2 like frigates, destroyers, cruisers, battleships, airplane service providers, and submarines. Every dispatch type has specific talents and weaknesses, depending on its category and its own game tier, with higher tiered boats being better then lower tier ones. All of the ships in the overall game can be improved to raised tier boats as the ball player advances further in the overall game and advancements through the in-game “Ship Tree”.

Players can deal with the crew of the ships, by inserting a captain (called “operator” in-game) or more to 22 officials that manage different facets of the dispatch. The officials are categorised into 4 categories: weaponry officers, support officials, special officials and aviation officials. Officers raise the performance of the dispatch according with their role.

– Take control of warships, including Airplane Providers, Submarines, and Battleships!

– Realistic controls that produce you feel as if you are handling the genuine warships!

– Coach sailors and officials to aid your ship’s captain!

– Fight in a variety of historical World Conflict II naval fights!

– Get and control the world’s harbors with your fleet!



-new chat channel
-fixed Submarine torpedoes
-fixed HA skills
-fixed Ship XP bonus
-new store layout
-improved stability
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