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Material Audiobook Player: Frustrated by all the unattractive players filled with endless selections and features who distract you from what you would like to do: pay attention to audiobooks?
You merely add your primary audiobook folder and every folder within will be accepted as an individual book. That will keep your collection simple and tidy. Here we go.

Some features
* Remembers previous position
* Alter playback speed
* Bookmarks
* Sleep-timer

Material Audiobook Player is free and Start Source. Which means, everyone can easily see what it can. Minimal permissions, no monitoring.




In the event that you wan to help check the label PR-Welcome. Its always smart to discuss what exactly are heading to do before you truly start it, so stress can be prevented.

Some guidelines for coding:

Utilize the code style the job uses
For every feature, make a seperate branch, so that it can be assessed separately
Use commits with a good information, so everyone can easily see, what you did
Building the task on windows

If you wish to build the task on glass windows you will come across some issues because the pre-build scripts use linux specific instructions.

To get ready the build you have to download Opus and Flac and unzip those documents to the exoplayer-flac and exoplayer-opus submodules’ src/main/jni folders.

The current variants are available here.

This step should be done only one time and must be repeated whenever a referenced version change.


The project site is on transifex. There all the localizations are managed. If you wish to add, check if there are untranslated or incorrect translated words.

Or you could start translating a fresh terminology if you speak it 😉


Copyright (C) 2014-2017 Paul Woitaschek

The certificate is GnuGPLv3. With adding you consent to permit your code under the same conditions.



+ Ogg chapter marks. Thanks to Marek Rusinowski!
+ Better Android Auto controls + Covers. Thanks to Matthias Kutscheid
+ Chapter Fixes
+ Brand new Bookmark View!
+ Loudness Enhancer
+ Android Auto Support!
+ Added Opus Support for all devices
+ Added Flac Support for all devices
+ Fixed mp3 seeking
+ Chapter Mark Support
+ Gapless Playback
+ Massively improved successive file scans. Now new will be detected really, really fast.
+ App Shortcuts (Android Nougat+)
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