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FIXD App Apk can help you better understand your automobile by translating check engine unit lights and checking appointed service. We’ve all been there – You’re travelling along as well as your check engine motor light occurs, but what will this light really imply? Avoid ambiguous equipment and lighting and confusing complex explanations and let FIXD convert your check engine unit light into simple and understandable conditions.


Free FIXD App
Communicates with the FIXD Sensor to help you realize your car

FIXD Sensor
Plugs into your vehicle and directs information to the FIXD App

The FIXD App
The FIXD App is how it is possible to understand your automobile and its own needs. Download the FIXD iphone app from the App Store or the Yahoo Play Store and web page link it to your FIXD sensor so as to understand what your automobile is wanting to let you know.

Check Engine unit Light
Have satisfaction when the check engine unit light occurs. For every check engine motor light, you receive the severe nature of the issue, the results of continuing to operate a vehicle recover problem, and a 2-3 phrase meaning of how that problem influences all of those other car.

FIXD also supplies the factory suggested maintenance timetable for your unique make/model/season/engine. You can view just what services have to be performed at each maintenance period to help you really know what must properly sustain your vehicle. FIXD also provides mileage-based reminders to notify you if you are getting close to a maintenance period.

Mobile Press Notifications
Relevant Reminders
FIXD provides reminders for upcoming recommended maintenance so when a check engine unit light is recognized. Tapping on the notifications will start the FIXD iphone app and present additional insights.

Multi-Vehicle Control
The FIXD App gives you to start to see the health and position of each car in the family from your app. Plan something for others when they are getting close maintenance intervals or need repair.

The FIXD Sensor
Small. Discreet. Powerful.
The FIXD Sensor plugs in to the OBD-II interface of any car 1996 and newer and links wirelessly to the FIXD App via Bluetooth Low Energy. The FIXD Sensor’s small small design allows it to be out of view, out of brain.


HOW IT Works:

1) Down load the FIXD App
Seek out ‘FIXD’ in the App Store if you own an iPhone or the Yahoo Play Store if you produce an Android device. Choose the iphone app with the inexperienced wrenches and download these devices. Open the software and create a fresh account if you don’t have one.

2) Install the FIXD Sensor
The sensor will connect in to the vehicle’s OBD-II dock. This port is normally located out-of-sight within the steering wheel. Make reference to the helpful image inside the FIXD software to see common locations because of this dock. Once installed, you can leave the FIXD sensor connected in when you drive.

3) Start the FIXD App
When you are going right through the sign up process, the FIXD software will require your sensor code (on the lower part of your FIXD sensor) such that it will get it and make a reference to it. Hooking up to the sensor won’t interrupt some other relationships to devices as through bluetooth. Ensure that bluetooth is empowered because of this step!

4) You’re All set!
Following the FIXD iphone app and sensor have made an association, you are prepared to get started on understanding your vehicle. Open the iphone app when you want to translate the engine motor light or see if you are approaching on maintenance. If you want regular maintenance improvements, be certain to keep bluetooth on while driving a car so we can talk to the FIXD sensor in the backdrop.



– Improved maintenance timeline: get an estimated cost for each maintenance task.
– Dash lights: get a description of what the various lights on your dash mean.
– Added missing maintenance timelines for certain BMW and Mercedes-Benz vehicles.
– Fix for not detecting codes on certain early 2000s vehicles.
– Bug fixes
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