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Stormbound: Kingdom Wars Apk


Stormbound: Kingdom Wars Apk



There aren’t enough fingertips on both of your hands to count just how many Clash Royale lookalikes have tried out to profit from the success of the smash strike from Supercell. Stormbound: Kingdom Wars Apk is just one more title that might be said to bring on Clash Royale, although departing it at that might be quite simplistic. This plan game requires the genre to a fresh level because of its elegant images and a turn-based idea that adds higher depth to a method of game playing that needs to yield clones produced from clones. An effective surprise that should get an in-depth look.


Stormbound: Kingdom Wars has come out internationally, though we’ve experienced the APK here on Uptodown designed for download free for months. As stated, this game could be weighed against Clash Royale on grounds of a few different commonalities, nevertheless, you that game is similar to Hearthstone than the strike from Supercell, given the great depth involved with putting together an absolute deck. You’ll realize this piece by piece as you find ever more credit cards.


Let’s reach the important tad: the fights in Stormbound: Kingdom Wars happen in 1-on-1 turn-based faceoffs on the 4-by-5 rectangular panel. On every move, you get mana to deploy products in your area of the board, with the theory being to tick your rival’s life counter-top to tick right down to zero. To achieve that you need to make it to the enemy’s foundation with your soldiers, although there’s also spells and skills that can sap his life. Every card is a global unto itself, what with the many levels of push and speed in addition to the probability of relocating a different way from the most common, that involves forging straight in advance.


Stormbound: Kingdom Wars is an outstanding game with a significant number of credit cards to acquire and endless alternatives for adding a deck alongside one another. We’ve mentioned previously it in transferring above, but its great graphics deserve somewhat of love, what with the minimalist lines filled with elegance. Given that it’s officially out you have substantially more players to evaluate your chops against, so it is a great possibility to appreciate it. And if you are remaining with a hankering to try more game titles enjoy it on Google Android, check out our training video of the very best 10 Google Android strategy video games of 2017.


Immerse yourself in the abundant world of Stormbound, as four kingdoms have difficulty for dominance. Create a deck of unique and powerful credit cards and then dive into real-time fights against other players.

Book gameplay combines your chosen areas of collectable cards with the tactical strategy of motherboard games. Play credit cards from your palm to the overall game motherboard and then watch your models march on the adversary base.

*Tactical gameplay that rewards the most ingenious strategists
*Real-time PVP fights against players all over the world
*Dozens of powerful credit cards to acquire an upgrade!
*Outstanding 2D and 3D artwork immerses you in the wonderful world of Stormbound
*Four specific kingdoms with original advantages and playstyles


PLEASE BE AWARE: Stormbound: Kingdom Wars is a free-to-play game, however, many extra game items can be bought for real cash. You are able to disable in-app acquisitions in your device’s options.



Welcome to the world of Stormbound!
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Stormbound: Kingdom Wars Apk
Stormbound: Kingdom Wars Apk
Stormbound: Kingdom Wars Apk
Stormbound: Kingdom Wars Apk
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