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Legion War Apk is a turn-based strategy strategy game, presented from Carry&Cat Studio. With this fantastic special world, is it possible to lead your legion to endure from opponents’ obstacle and write your legendary?

If you’re enthusiastic about turn-based strategy game titles, SLG(Simulation) video games, 4X game titles or strategy video games like Advanced Conflict, Old Empires, Lost Frontier and Civilization, you’ll be such as this game.

>Units & Legion
Currently we’ve 4 major legions real human, undead, heavy steam and outdoors. Each major legion consists of 9unique models. And we likewise have a neutral sea legion with 4 products. Every product has different feature and some of these have its fight skill or passive skill. There’s a unique upgrade path for every product, upgrading a device can make it become a lot more powerful and useful.

We’ve 5 well-designed promotions along with each legion, more than 50 levels altogether.
Products are being presented in each level. Each level has a primary activity and three supplementary goals to provide extra bonus items if achieved. Complete level will provide you with some game money used to update your units once and for all.

In skirmish-game you can setup your own guidelines and issue AI players in a variety of well balanced game map.

You may play video game with your good friend or other players. You could have a good skirmish fight or a co-op custom marketing campaign with others.

>Map Editor
Create your own maps and promotions by in-game editor. You may discuss your maps to other players and you could also down load variety maps & promotions from our server.

>Game AI
The AI for our game has been suitable for quite a while. The performance of Game AI differs in each Difficulty. It has the capacity to measure the situation of current struggle, recruit the right systems to counter your episode force, make strike plan and improve actions of every unit.

Terrain is a simple aspect in turn-based practices game. We’ve 8 different terrains – land, forest, hill, hill, swamp, bridge, normal water and reef. Each surfaces has its modifier of episode, defense and motion cost.

There are lots of buildings in the overall game. Castle is use to recruit your device looked after provide gold for you. Town is the essential gold development building. And there are a great many other buildings which may have its unique function.

>Map Theme
Lead your legion to battle in various styles of map: Snow World, Desert, Flames Land and Chocolate Paradise



– Bug fix
– Add polish
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