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Ghost Town Adventures can be an adventure game where you play as Anna, a witch who would like to help all the spirits that desire a hand. Due to the fact she has attended visit Ghost Town, she’ll find a great deal of spirits in need.

The gameplay in Ghost Town Adventures is easy, user-friendly, and fun. In essence, you touch elements in the circumstance to make Anna connect to them, getting different rewards along the way. For instance, by tapping on the toolbox, Anna may find an instrument. And, down the road, you will most probably need that same tool to connect to a broken tube that blocks your way.

The aim of each level (which are usually occur haunted homes) is to discover a ghost and make it. To get this done, of course, you’ll first have to connect to several different elements, solve some puzzles, and even level up Anna. When you advance through the overall game, you can also meet a great deal of different people to speak to.

Ghost Town Adventures is an extremely entertaining trip game with a great storyline, charming images, and a great deal of locations and various puzzles.


In this young lady game epic voyage leads you in desolate township to help the pretty local characters. Interesting plot about spirits with report dialogues, puzzle and strange gameplay.

Adventure game starts off with looking for a long-lost grandfather. Anna, daring little witch found a vintage magic stick unacquainted with it’s electricity. The come back address on the notice will lead her in ghost town, packed with mysteries. Anna unexpectedly use magic stay and magically teleport you in the town.
Help her with her voyage.

Ghost town?
The town is shrouded in fog and seems empty. But it will never be a fairly easy walk. A couple of dangers and activities at each nook. Passing the overall game become familiar with the annals of ghost town and discover who’s guilty in every the troubles of the town. And later on clear the city of horror and drive away the powerful fog.


Features ?
-> SIDE Tales. If you want narrative and want more, you should many of the area quests that reveal all areas of game. Every upgrade brings new enjoyable stories.
-> Crazy CHARACTERS. Meet: plumber, major, wicked twin, speaking raccoon, beauty and the beast, princess and many numerous others.
-> STORY BOOK. Like alice in wonderland dive in to the fantasy fable with original characters, extraordinary twists of the story and outstanding magic awaits you.
-> BEST FIENDS. Meet attractive animation spirits, spooks and spirits. Try to socialize with them.
-> CRAFTING. Combine magical elements and build potions, gems and other sorceress products.
stuck use vitality ups and spells. Test thoroughly your matching skills with extra challenging goals.
-> SEARCH. Search items and invisible objects and accumulate them in halls, basements and lofts of haunted homes. FInd booklet, key, magic materials etc.
-> DETECTIVE Account. Start your analysis and solve the riddles and puzzle of the ghost town.
-> DIALOGUES. Discussion in many shows with characters, cause you to own choices.
-> FIGHT. Deal with wicked spirits, zombies, carnivorous crops, freezing giants, my performing monsters, etc.


The complete game is dependant on the storyline. Young girls like story video games, so whenever we make games for women we make great attempts on the storyplot. Greatly exercised background of ghost town, its story and misconception. Added unique people each with the own secrets and problems. Some surprising twists and laughter. And in end result we got a unique mix of funny and drama.
Hope you prefer it.



The game interface has changed, but works the same as before. We hope you like it as much as Anna does!
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