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Dead Target Apk situates you in the center of a hypothetical World Conflict III, where you’re the one survivor of your zombie attack. You must exterminate all the undead that hunt the earth, looking for some signal of life that may help you rebuild the earth.

This first-person game can make you are feeling the terror of the very most absolutely horrific zombie problems. Find first-aid sets to recuperate your zombie wounds unless you want to conclude turning into one of these yourself. To best the very warriors in Deceased Target you need to put your target and reflexes to the test: one incorrect move will leave you susceptible to waves of zombies that are looking only to exterminate you.

Throughout your contest for survival you will discover weapons that may be upgraded, so long as you take at certain details on the zombies. The better your target, you additional money you can earn and devote to enhancements and other power-ups for the next mission.

Keep your protection up and destroy zombies in one of the better first-person shooters, Deceased TARGET. Is it possible to figure out the main element to survival?

In 2040, World Warfare III struck, and the country’s frontiers altered. Modern warfare advanced to a fresh era following the Minister of Protection signed a deal with CS Company to perform task Deceased TARGET. Inject prisoners with the disease and change them into excellent evil battle killers. However, CS threatened to result in a zombie outbreak if the leader didn’t follow their requests. The zombie apocalypse begun.

A special protection team was chosen to check out the frontlines and acquire information prior to the army can start the counter affect – Procedure Apocalypse.

Be cautious, the walking inactive await a hero, while individuals survivors may face a huge exodus to find protection. Survival is currently in the hands.

DEAD Target: Zombie can be an FPS game where you can:
– Kill zombies along with epic weapons
– Upgrade weapons and equipment to handle the forthcoming zombie waves
– Experience 3D taking as a zombie hunter
– Slay zombies of most types when you established your nerve to the best level


– Dead Target for is a free of charge FPS game where huge waves of zombies come for you as tsunami
– Kill zombies prior to the invasion comes toward you

– Zombies come in many varieties with various getting rid of abilities
– Some zombies can be hugely afflicted with the virus
– Shooting at the top is not necessarily the ultimate way to get rid of – think just like a sniper before making a decision to shoot

– Multiple weapons – Destroy with a rifle, shotgun, machine firearm, grenade launcher and much more
– Unlock weapons when you ranking up and increase your strength to become true killer
– Discover combat goes using various guns
– Throw zombies with the right increase to become terminator on the battlefield

– Shooting zombies enables you to complete quests to get ranking up and uncover more cool items
– Shoot zombies which means you could possibly be the previous one standing
– Weird successes are always the best paid

– Prevent zombies from escaping while defending the breached frontlines
– An accurate shot can cause an explosion that can help you save at the right time

– Enjoy 3D images with realistic light to present the problem of zombie
– Weapons have different sound files to stand for their real-life versions

– Compare your wipe out records to friends and family
– Hook up to Facebook to talk about what you did
– Take the most zombies to be the most notable zombie killer

Can you make it through the zombie apocalypse? Destroy zombies and protect the frontlines in the best FPS game, Deceased TARGET. Download now to start out shooting zombies.

NOTE: The overall game will demand READ_Exterior_STORAGE, WRITE_Alternative_STORAGE to experiment with some features.



Hello Survivors,
Big update coming:
+ New beautiful UI game
+ New Sniper mode, try a new way to shoot zombies and give us your feedbacks!
+ Improve English text
+ And many small optimizations
Nice day!
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