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Color Switch Apk can be an arcade game with a straightforward approach but a higher degree of difficulty. Your goal is to obtain a colourful little ball through a great deal of different obstacles. Each time you see through an obstacle, the ball changes its color and you could only touch the existing color.

Color Switch’s gameplay is easy: whenever you touch the screen it offers your ball just a little jolt. If you go too sluggish, your ball may show up, but if you touch too quickly, it may cause you to crash into one of the game’s many hurdles.

There are a large number of differently designed obstructions: rotating triangles with different coloured sides, cubes consisting of little multi-colored circles that deal and develop, multi-colored vertical rings that move laterally … You will find loads of obstructions and you will need quick fingertips to beat all of them.

Color Switch can be an arcade game with a straightforward, fun idea and beautiful images. Plus, the large numbers of hurdles and balls you can uncover guarantee a great deal of playing time.

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Touch the ball carefully through each obstacle as well as your ball will transition color with some powerups.
You need to follow the colour routine on each obstacle to mix it !

Take care not to pass through the incorrect color, or you should have to start out again.



– New theme : Fruit
– New game mode : Fruit
– 50 new levels
– 3 new balls
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