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Another portable application On Camera app cases to be 10 times quicker than calling 911, and it additionally promises to ensure clients amid a crisis by enabling them to video visit with a prepared cop at the press of a catch. At first look, this application has all the earmarks of being the ideal answer for giving somebody a conviction that all is good when they are in a conceivably unsafe setting. I realize that is precisely what my mother thought, considering that she called me promptly subsequent to watching the slanting Facebook video about the application and instructed me to download it.

Yet, as I started the way toward obtaining the application, I discovered that it costs $17.99 a month. That is a yearly expense of $215.88. I know you can’t put a cost on wellbeing, yet that is a considerable measure of cash for something that could possibly be fruitful in warding off an aggressor.

Try not to misunderstand me. In the event that the application was free, or regardless of the possibility that the application was $5 a month, I would likely download it. You never know, it could conceivably work in a few circumstances. However, when you consider the application’s destruction, it is obvious that the cost exceeds benefits.

On Camera’s most evident imperfection is that it’s an application. It is just somebody’s face on a cellphone. I realize that on the off chance that I was intending to assault somebody (not that I would, but rather theoretically), a video of somebody wearing a cop’s uniform informing me concerning the results of continuing with the assault wouldn’t really discourage me from proceeding with it. Aggressors definitely realize that it is illicit to assault somebody. It would be a vastly improved utilization of the constrained time one has previously an assault jumps out at call 911 with expectations of a genuine live cop appearing so as to help you.

Moreover, the cop on the video talk isn’t even in the ward of where you are found when you utilize the application unless you live in San Francisco, California, where On Camera’s workplaces are found. This totally strikes down On Camera’s claim that it is speedier than calling 911. Indeed, the underlying contact made with the On Camera cop might be quicker than calling 911. However, the On Camera cops would at present need to contact a cop in the ward of where you are found. Once more, calling 911 yourself would be considerably speedier.

Another destruction to On Camera is the time that it takes to initiate the video visit, and the hazard clients take when utilizing the application instead of the physical barrier. To enact the video visit, clients would need to open their telephone, open the application, and press the red catch. Furthermore, and still, at the end of the day, they need to expect that the assailant’s reaction to the video visit will be to leave. It may work, however, it will be a bet without fail. Utilizing pepper splash or mace and fleeing will dependably be a more secure wager.

For CSU understudies particularly, there are preferable options over utilizing On Camera App. CSU Police Department has a program called Safe Walk, which ensures all understudies the capacity to call and have a CSU cop walk you to your goal whenever. Safe Walk promises you the insurance from a genuine cop in the event that you have a feeling that you will be in a perilous domain.

Albeit, one advantage to downloading the On Camera application, on the off chance that you have the $17.99 a month to save, would give verification of a wrongdoing. On the off chance that you are video talking with an On Camera officer while viewing a wrongdoing happen, at that point they would have the video, regardless of the possibility that it is erased from your telephone, as approval that the wrongdoing really happened. At the same time, the On Camera officer could ready cops in your general vicinity that would have the capacity to react to the wrongdoing you are seeing. This approach would likewise work for a wrongdoing that is transpiring, yet simply after you’ve called 911 and endeavoured to battle back.

On Camera app isn’t the most exceedingly bad thought by a long shot, yet it ought to never be your first go-to when reacting to an aggressor. It wouldn’t hurt to download on the off chance that you can manage the cost of it, however, it should accompany a disclaimer that says, “use if all else fails.”


  • Your own first officer
  • Accessible in a flash
  • Anyplace you go

Push the enormous red catch when you feel uneasy.

Continuously accessible from your cell phone.

Immediately associated with Your First Officer by live 2-way recorded video call

GPS Location, video, sound recorded to cloud

Prepared First Officer mediates for YOU

Officer utilizes police preparing and experience to give specialist, re-raise, diffuse danger, or dispatch help if necessary

Stop wrongdoing before it happens

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A more unusual threat, or a crawl that won’t take no for an answer. Right away summon a prepared officer to meditate for your sake before things turn frightful. You needn’t state a solitary word.

Get Help quicker

On the off chance that you or somebody adjacent is encountering a crisis. Our officers utilize your GPS area and spilling video to help crisis administrations get to you quicker.

OnCamera and On Record

Police reports and protection claims. Video, sound and areas gushed and spared specifically to war room server to help indictment and development.


On Camera App Advantage:



Feel certain, help is only a tap away

The best insurance is continually being readied and knowing how to stay away from dangerous circumstances. OnCamera is there to offer direction and support for you and your friends and family, to keep a crisis before it emerges.

Bolster when you feel anxious

A breakdown in a terrible region, or a peculiar clamour in the night. Crisis or not, our officers will welcome your call and enable you to explore the circumstance until the point that you are protected.

Getting readied ahead of time

A walk home alone, or a visit from somebody to work in your home. When you sense a situation could be dangerous, summon an officer ahead of time and we will go with you.

Ordinary true serenity

Children at school, girls on night out. Breathe easy because of realizing that our officers can be there for them for you.



OnCamera benefit is currently accessible on iOS and Android. Push the catch, get a live First Officer.

Agree to accept private assurance benefit.


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