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Armored Warriors Apk




Armored Warriors Apk

In remembrance of the 73rd commemoration of D-Day, Triniti Interactivepresents the most immersive constant procedure diversion on cell phones: Armored Warriors utilizes legitimate continuous technique to take you through the exemplary battles of World War II. You play the part of an anecdotal administrator of a volunteer armed force, participating in celebrated fights and supporting countries in their imperviousness to the Nazi attacks.

Given the extraordinary idea of the units, you have finish control over the creation of troops and gear inquire about. As the fights unfurl, you will open gear remarkable to particular nations, including propelled German weaponry, a wide exhibit of models and test hardware. We anticipate meeting your most capable protected corps!

Stop the Nazis in their tracks, crush the Axis’ plots and convey equity to world. Leader, we need YOU!

Game Features:

explosive special effects

You will connect with the adversary by all the while charging many fighters, including substantial tanks, mechanized infantry and shielded vehicles. A huge number of shells will fly over the war zone in a dust storm, with sensible, shell-stun inciting embellishments giving film-like fight scenes.

authentic battlefield reproductions

A lot of detail has been filled reproducing bona fide fights, including sensible tank structure reenactments, the ricochet of slugs when they hit inclined frontal protective layer, the crumple of troop spirit causing the escaping of froze units from the combat zone and considerably more.

proper RTS controls

Deliberate unit administration controls enable you to easily design the direction of your whole armed force gathering. You can likewise relegate particular assault courses and battle errands for every unit. Earlier and amid battle, you can micromanage your units to get every unit into ideal assault positions.

abundant tactical options

Notwithstanding ambushing the adversary frontally, you can dispatch basic strikes on their flank and back, and also execute strategies, for example, drawing out the essential foe capability and assaulting their war room.

massive arsenal of WWII equipment

The military hardware in the diversion comprises of reasonable proliferations of WWII plans, with a gigantic measure of essential gear from the creation lines particular to singular countries, notwithstanding test gear and models, including guns, heavily clad units and air units.



1.Functionality Optimization
2.The briefcases in the Reinforcement Center now contain more materials.
3.Briefcases acquired from PvP victories will contain more materials.
4.PvP map size adjustment: you can now engage the enemy faster.
5.Reduced the cost of all unit upgrades.
6.Morale system adjustments: when a unit’s morale collapses, it will evacuate the battlefield.
7.The first battle of the game has been changed to Liberation of Paris.
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