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Age of Lords Apk is another system MMO diversion set in the medieval age. As a compelling ruler you will construct a fantastic palace, fashion cooperations and TRAIN enormous armed forces to overcome other REAL players.

Age of Lords is an allowed to play multiplayer system amusement. As a strong master you will fabricate a fantastic

stronghold, produce organizations together and prepare enormous armed forces to overcome from the other genuine players from your kingdom.

There are numerous key or strategic decisions to be made! Make your own way!

Age of Lords is a MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online – Role Playing Game) set in a medieval

world. Join the war and test yourself against genuine players around the world.




✔ Develop your manor, look into new advances and turn into a kingdom developer

✔ Use political procedure to produce Alliances with different masters

✔ Use beast power and subterfuge to overcome adversary players

✔ Train a gigantic medieval armed force with different troops including rangers, infantry and toxophilite

✔ Explore the Kingdom Map to assemble assets, scout revolt players

✔ Experience the winged serpent age and turn into a beast slayer

✔ Chat progressively and set up strategic ties with different organizations together

✔ Discuss war methodologies with partnered rulers

✔ Form a rally walk and contract rulers and knights to help your odds to win

✔ Become some portion of the legends and dissidents by overcoming the King’s honored position

✔ Reach the highest point of the rankings and gain the regard of the entire kingdom

✔ Compete with a huge number of player in week by week occasions

✔ Level Up your Hero

✔ Learn the best mmo system of medieval circumstances by finishing many Quests and gathering gigantic prizes

✔ Use FREE Speed Ups to grow speedier and trump your adversaries

✔ Become a VIP player and increase diversion changing rewards

✔ Discover innumerable techniques and political decisions!

Join another time of fighting and test yourself against genuine players worldwide in the best mmo medieval! PLAY NOW!


Age of Lords Version 4.0.0

  • Spring comes to your Age of Lords realm with special festive graphics;
  • Upgrade buildings up to level 22 to make your City more powerful;
  • Several Bug Fixes



– Bookmark and classify coordinates
– 10 new VIP levels with improved benefits and new bonuses
– Collect ALL button for Daily, Alliance and VIP Quests
– Refresh Quests Items in the Store
– New type of report: Expired Shield
– Several UI/UX improvements
– Various Bug Fixes
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