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8bit Painter Apk is a great drawing program that anyone can certainly draw pixel art work.

Because it narrows right down to intuitive procedure method and minimum amount necessary functions, you won’t get lost functioning. 8bit Painter is a pixel skill editor sticking with simplicity.


[Recommended for the next users]
* Starters at pixel art
* Individuals who want to take pleasure from pixel art easier.
* Create SNS icons
* Create designs for Perler beads
* Create designs for mix stitch
* Create and sketching of game graphics
* Create player skins
* Users who like vintage games

[Pixel art work size]
* 16 x 16
* 32 x 32
* 48 x 48
* 64 x 64
* 96 x 96
* 128 x 128

[Keeping of work data]
Approximately 300 bits of artwork data can be preserved. Data will be preserved automatically.

[Creating colors]
You are able to create new colors from the colour picker. You could conserve to 24 colors under “User COLOR SCHEME”.

[End result image size]
A couple of three result sizes to choose from. The extendable will maintain PNG.

[Main functions]
* Pen tool
* Eraser tool
* Fill tool
* Dropper tool
* Preview
* Clearing the canvas
* Expanding and shrinking the canvas size
* Moving the canvas
* Moving pixels
* Grid ON /OFF
* Undo & Redo
* Color Picker
* User color scheme with 24 colors
* Preset color scheme with 96 colors




[Bug fix]
Fixed a bug that occurred when importing images in Android 7.0 – Nougat.
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